Should I always wear safety gear?

It is always advisable that you wear safety gear while riding your electric skateboard.


The minimum equipment that you should wear is a proper skate helmet, these are constructed far better than a bike helmet. In addition to this, you should always consider wearing knee and elbow pads and if you can't afford to be off work ALWAYS wrist guards.


Please always allow yourself time to stop when boarding, if you brake suddenly there is a good chance of you being thrown off the board.


If you are out boarding at night please use reflective clothing and portable lights , like those required of bicyclists, on yourself and your board.


Can I ride on the road?




Where can I ride?


The laws regarding the use of motorised electric skateboards in New Zealand vary by local council and road authorities.


We advise you to check out the rules where you live and visit the Land Transport website for more information.


Generally you can ride on pathways, shared paths, bike paths, etc except where it states "no skateboarding".


If you ride on the beach at low tide and pass through a flagged safety area please slow down to less than walking speed.


If you ride through a pedestrian area and there are no restrictions on skateboarding, please keep your speed down to walking speed.


Always be polite to pedestrians - let them know in advance that you are coming through, if there are several of you, please let the pedestrians know how many skaters are coming by.


Finally the most important point of all - no matter what you think, whilst riding on the pavement, beach or grass-way the pedestrian is ALWAYS RIGHT, so be careful and don't put yourself in a troublesome position.


Is it safe to do tricks on my board?

We always suggest that you ride within your limits, if no one ever took a chance or pushed themselves, no great riders would ever be born.


If you do tricks wear your safety gear - we can always help repair your board, but none of us at Greenskate are doctors... 


Is there a minimum recommended age?


We recommend that our electric skateboards only be used by riders 14 years or over, unless closely supervised by an adult in a controlled environment.