When should I change my drive belt?

You should change the drive belt when you hear it clicking, if you hear clicking when you start off or boarding up an incline then the drive belt is worn and requires replacement.

If you hear clicking every time you accelerate, then the drive belt requires immediate replacement as it is very close to breaking.

Both the 600w street style board and the 800w off road style board will wear out drive belts.

The off road boards can go through them more frequently than the street style boards, however this depends upon rider and terrain.


If you brake heavily, especially downhill, you will stress the drive belt more and they will wear out faster - but you bought the skateboard to have fun right? And we always have drive belts in stock. 


Be aware that boarding up steep hills from a standing start will place a lot of stress on your drive belt. So be sensible in your approach to that hill...



Are there any adjustments I need to make?


Every now and then check the general state of all nuts and bolts, make sure that they are tight.


Do you service and repair electric skateboards?


Yes, for a small service fee we can service and repair any off road style electric skateboards available in New Zealand.



How to replace a drive belt and/or replace a flat inner tube


The guys at Bionic Wheels have written a fantastic guide to the above: Repair Guide