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Questions we often get:

I have found another off-road electric skateboard with an SLA battery with a claimed ride time of 1.5 to 2 hours between charges? Your off-road explorer boards look the same but you say they only go for 30 minutes?

Quite simply the other retailers claims are false and even though we wish could get 1.5 to 2 hours from an SLA battery simple physics is against us … see the other question about ride time below. Essentially a 12AH SLA battery running an 800watt electric motor (even when riding at half throttle) is being discharged at more than 12Amps constantly, in fact under heavy acceleration the motor will draw 40Amps! ... the discharge curve for an SLA means we realistically get 20-30mins ride time between charges.

If you want longer ride time than the standard SLA battery please check our LiFePO4 battery options.

I was thinking of getting an electric skateboard for commuting to work, but I noticed that you only recommend riding on dry surfaces. How would it go on wet pavements and roads?  (Assuming I avoid puddles) ?

The electronic components are all below the board and reasonably well sealed against splashes (I hose my board down after beach riding to get the salt off), so rain isn’t usually an issue.
Same with puddles, I have been for long rides on wet tracks through lots of puddles and the board is fine. A little water gets into the battery box, but everything else is sealed and dry.
In saying that, constant exposure could eventually allow water in somewhere…..There’s nothing to stop you applying additional silicone sealant around everything below the board to be 100% sure.

Why do I only get 20 minutes of top speed riding before the battery light comes on?

The standard SLA battery pack is rated at 36volts 12Amp hours - in simple terms, this means the battery will deliver 36volts @ 12Amps of current to the motor for 1 hour....but, if you are riding your board at top speed the motor is drawing approx 25Amps (and up to 45Amps if riding up a steep grade) ... this means the battery is being discharged at twice its rating and will only last half the time (actually less, but that's a whole different subject - Google: peukert to find out why).

SLA packs have great stamina, but only if discharged at a slow constant rate (small bursts of top speed are fine) - so, if you ease of on the throttle you will achieve 30-35 minutes of riding on a single charge :)

LiFePO4 packs are a totally different story! a 36volt 12Ah LiFePO4 pack can be discharged at 25Amps constantly without a noticable drop off in performance over the same time period ... but (there's always a but), you pay a premium for that level of performance :)

Do you service and repair electric skateboards?

Yes, for a small service fee we can service and repair any offroad style electric skateboards available in New Zealand.



Do you have the explorer electric skateboard in stock?

Yes, we have stocks of the explorer ready for delivery anywhere in New Zealand.

How long does it take to deliver my board?

We usually get orders picked up (for delivery) the same day that payment is confirmed. Generally it takes 2-3 days for your board to be delivered.

How much does it cost for delivery?

We offer flat rate delivery to any address in New Zealand for $60.

Can you ship internationally?

No. We have in the past, but found the cost is prohibitive due to the weight of the board and batteries (35kgs).

What kind of batteries does the explorer use?

The explorer runs on three 12V/ 12AH Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries that are connected in series to create 36 Volts. For more detailed information on the care of your batteries, check out this article: Battery Maintenance

How is the board packaged?

The board comes in a double walled carton with styro foam blocks protecting it on all sides.  The box contains the board, complete with Hand held remote (includes battery), Charger, Instructions and Warranty details.

Do I need anything else?

No, the board is ready to go out of the box with everything you need.  We do recommend fully charging the battery before using it.  The charger has a red and green indicator light- red= charging, green= fully charged and ready for takeoff.

What about spare parts?

We offer a full range of spare parts to keep your board running for years. Please visit the Spare Parts page for more details.

How do I order?

Purchasing Information

Where do I place my feet for the best stability?

I find it works best to put my back foot on the kick tail and the front foot behind the front wheels, angled forward, snowboard style.  Foot positioning is a personal thing and you may want to experiment with different stances.

Can the motor overheat?

Yes, the motor can burn out from overheating.  This can be easily be avoided by not letting the motor get too hot.  If you are a heavy rider and/or are riding hard, on grass, trails, dirt roads, gravel or up steep hills, especially with several riders switching off and a new battery pack (new, fresh batteries have higher voltage) the motor can get very hot.  The explorer does not have an overheating protection, meaning it will keep going full power even if it is burning hot and metal parts in the motor can actually melt down.  You should be aware of this- if the motor gets too hot to touch, slow down or give it a break, it will cool off quickly and you can keep ripping.   If you ride long distances, you will get more mileage by using 80-90% power instead of non stop full throttle, you will still go about 15-20km/hr, plenty fast.  If you are aware of this, the motor will not burn out .  If your motor does burn out, not to worry- in the first 14 days we will replace it free under warranty, after 14 days, a replacement motor can be purchased.

How fast does it go?

Depends on battery state and rider weight, but 30km/hr is an approximate top speed [verified using cycle computer].

How long does it take to charge?

Recharging takes between 1 and 4 hours depending on how discharged the battery is.

How far does it go?

Up to 30kms. Range depends on battery type (SLA approx 20+kms, LiPo approx 30+ kms).


How does it work? and how does it Start & Stop?


The board is powered by a 36V electric motor using sealed batteries as an energy source. Boards are controlled with a handheld wireless controller that offers a variable throttle and motor braking. You simply stand on the board and pull the trigger SLOWLY & SMOOTHLY to accelerate, and push the trigger forward GENTLEY to brake. CAUTION! the torque is strong at take off & full throttle, but using a smooth & even touch on the trigger allows the rider to apply only a small amount of power. It's relatively simple to "roll the board along" at very low speeds. Pushing forward on the controller's trigger applies resistance to the skateboard's motor, providing an effective braking system. The board can be controlled effectively down medium grade hills with the braking system. The braking system does not bring the board to a total stop, but the resistance applied works well on a skateboard, giving you the most control possible. You can go down a hill with ease, whereas on the same hill with a "regular" longboard you could lose control. Or you can do big slalom turns at either fast or slow speeds, and you can speed up or slow down as required. With these electric skateboards, you have hands free operation so there's no tether to get tangled up in.

How does it brake?

Motor braking... pushing GENTLEY forward on the remote's trigger applies resistance to the skateboard's motor, providing a pretty effective braking system.

How much does it cost?

Current models range from $899 (SLA battery pack) to $1585(LiPo battery pack) - Note: includes delivery

What kind of surfaces can I ride it on?

Nearly anything!  The explorer electric skateboard is designed to be ridden on most surfaces as long as they are dry. Note: extended periods riding on long grass or soft sand/mud can overheat the motor.

Can it go up hill?

Yes, it will climb a fairly steep hill, if you can hold on. It's best to traverse up hills, since this reduces the grade and increases the fun -- carving up the hill! Note: we do not recommend extended hill climbing as it places a very heavy load on the motor and can lead to overheating (refer above)

What is the board's maximum weight capacity?

The board is designed to carry one rider weighing up to 108kgs. Riding two-up with a combined weight > 108kgs will void your warranty.

What is the minimum age?

We suggest that no one under the age of 16 rides an electric skateboard.

What is the life expectancy of the batteries?

You should be able to re-charge the SLA batteries 200 times before their recharged life is substantially reduced (LiPo ~ 1500 times). We stock the batteries if you need to replace them.

Is riding an electric skateboard dangerous?

It can be. It is not a toy, it's an action sport and caution must be used at all times. Appropriate safety gear, helmet, knee & elbow pads are strongly recommended and/or required.