Before You Ride

Before you ride your new electric skateboard: information sheet

Often I get to meet buyers when they collect their boards and I can run through a bit of a "getting started" spiel....for those of you who I don't, I thought it would be useful to publish this on the website for everyone :)

1. Turn on the board (button under board) before switching on hand controller.

Why? If the hand controller is turned on and you are applying even the slightest pressure on the trigger when the board is turned on it assumes "neutral" and relaxing the trigger back to the actual neutral position will cause the board to accelerate away, potentially with nasty consequences.

2. While learning, have the hand controller switched to "Low" (switch under 9v battery) speed

Why? Maintaining your balance while accelerating is the main skill to riding an electric skateboard. On "Med" or "High" settings acceleration is sudden and strong unless you are familiar with the trigger pressure required.

3. Apply pressure to the trigger slowly and evenly when accelerating or braking.

4. Stand with as wide a stance as possible, generally right foot above the motor at the back of board resting against the upturn, front foot as far forward as comfortable.

Why ? a wider stance makes the board more stable at speed and its less likely to "slalom" (the front truck steering itself)

5. Braking - my advice is gently, and when going downhill be VERY careful not to let the board speed run away on you.

Why? the braking force with a fully charged battery is strong! strong enough for you to go off the front of the board if you apply the brake to quickly.

6. To charge the battery simply plug in the charger (charging port is on side of battery compartment), charging is completed when the light goes green (Green for Go)

7. Keep the board dry (as much as practical) - the electronics are generally well sealed for wet ground and the odd puddle, but a soaking will damage. A squirt of CRC now and then doesn't hurt.