Comparing Brushed and Brushless Motors





Same power

Effective rate




Same rpm



Current (Amps)

Brushed motor



25-45 Amps

Brushless motor



15-30 Amps

1.The motor of brushed motor skateboard (hereinafter called the “old skateboard”) is heavier and less efficient than that of brushless motor skateboard (hereinafter called the “new skateboard”). That is to say, when fully charged, the new motor will work longer, be more powerful, and be more fuel-efficient than the old motor.

 2.The new skateboard is able to shift into reverse, and the old one cannot. In other words, when the new skateboard runs into a dead end, the rider is only required to shift into reverse rather than physically turning the skateboard around. In addition, the new skateboard has a wide range of movement, even in reverse, for more tricks and fun.

3.The new graduated acceleration/deceleration controller is simple and easier to learn as a beginner. (The pistol remote controller of the old skateboard, however, is too sensitive and relatively difficult to be controlled by a beginner). A good rider, however,  can decide to use the trigger controller instead of the tap controller depending on his preferences.