Battery (General)

How long will it take to recharge my battery pack?

If your battery is totally flat, it will take 3 - 4 hours to fully charge.

However both the seal lead acid (SLA) and lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries will charge from a half empty state with a reduced charging time depending on how flat the battery is.

How many charges can I get from a battery pack?

You can get approximately:

200 - 300 full cycle charges from a SLA battery pack.

1500 - 2000 full cycle charges from a LiFePO4 battery pack.

How much does it cost to charge up my battery pack?

The cost approximately to recharge your battery is 1 cent per hour to full charge.

If your battery is fully discharged then it may take 4 hours to fully charge -  so that is about 4 cents.

From a half charge it will take about 2 hours - so that is about 2 cents.

Is it OK to fully discharge my battery pack?

SLA Battery Pack: No. Every time the SLA battery is completely run down it adds strain and robs the SLA battery of some of its service life as part of the re-charge process. Our advice is to change the SLA battery pack out with another as you notice the running performance of your skateboard decrease during your boarding session. Or purchase a LiFePO4 pack,..

LiFePO4 Battery Pack: Yes - LifePO4 chemistry is not affected by depth of discharge - they can be fully discharged and recharged without damage.

I was boarding then everything stopped?

On really hot days, especially if traversing hills, the current draw from your battery to the motor may be so high that it causes the 30Amp safety fuses to blow.

The 30 Amp safety fuse are located within the battery compartment.

Simply remove the old fuses and replace with new fuses.

We recommend you purchase a packet of 30 Amp green blade fuses and wedge some of them inside the battery compartment ready for you if required.


I've got a different brand of board to the ones shown on the greenskate site - can i convert mine to use a lithium (LiFePO4) battery pack ?

Absolutely! Any electric skateboard type or brand can run on LiFePO4 cells ... the motor controller isn't picky, it just expects 36+ volts and plenty of current.

The battery only needs to be able to put out 45Amps constantly for the 800watt board (generally once up to speed the motor is drawing 20-25Amps)...and for the new brushless motor boards, even less current is required :)

The reason why some manufacturers make statements like "the Lipo battery needs to be able to put out 80 amps to work with our boards", is because alot of manufacturers originally put 10AH LiFePO4 packs (made up built from the small 26650 type 3.2V 3Amp cells) on their boards, and those packs struggled to deliver the 45Amps constant and would burn out the controlling BMS (on the battery) frequently and deliver erratic performance, also the voltage would drop below the cutoff for the motor controller which would stop the board.

We trialed the small cells a few years back, realised straight away they were too small and went to large Headway cells (10AH rating, with the ability to discharge at 100Amps!) which work VERY well.... to date, no other suppliers offer Headway cells (or even 20AH packs) as an option - most still build their packs based on small cells.

Then for people who want even better performance we started offering 20AH packs which are pretty much perfect for an 800watt board - they have no trouble delivering the high current (they can discharge quite happily with no drop-off in performance at 60Amps constant).