* NEW * Alltrack 800

Our newly designed Alltrack board  is the fastest lightest and most powerful On/Off road electric skateboard ever offered for sale. It's massive
power is generated by USA designed electronics, and a new 800 watt belt driven Brushless 36 volt motor.  This has saved a further
5kg over our previous models and with the bonus of delivering more torque and power. The Alltrack will out accelerate, out climb, and reach higher
speeds than any other off road electric skateboard!.... they even have a reverse switch on the remote!!!

● Brand new lightweight 800 watt Brushless motor.

● Lightest and most powerful off road electric skate board.

● Powder coated Magnesium trucks.

● 15% more torque and speed than previous Alltrack.

● Motor centre of gravity is in the middle of the board.

● Easy maintenance.

Maximum Rider Weight: 105kgs.
Acceleration: 0-30 km/h in 4 SECONDS! Massive torque, power and speed.
Top speed:
35 km/h **
Braking: A.B.S brakes smooth and easy to control.
Turning Radius: 10 FT.
Battery Pack: 36 Volt, 7AH SLA [Can be upgraded to 10AH LiFePo4]
Battery Charger: 43V 2Amp charger included.
Charging Time: Approximately 4 hours.
Range: 15kms **
Motor: 36 Volts DC, Brushless 800 Watt. 3600RPM.
Electronics: Reliable Patented 2.4G Digital electronics/No interference/more power.
Dimensions: 113mm Deck.
Weight: 25kg
Trucks: Patented Lightweight Magnesium alloy torsion trucks.
Wheels: Elektroskate panther 9" pneumatic knobby tires
Controller: Patented Wireless controller for acceleration, reverse (yes, reverse!!), and braking.
Deck: Pure Maple Wood.