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Electric Skateboards NZ Ltd was founded in early 2008 by Nigel Vining.

It became apparent very quickly that there was a market for a well priced board that people could commute on tarseal during the week and enjoy on the beach in the weekends.

By designing a custom large capacity (but light weight) LiFePO4 battery pack and having them manufactured in Hong Kong he was able to bring the weight of the boards down and increase the range significantly. LiFePO4 technology is better for the environment which prompted the greenskate brand, and by it's nature of travelling further he settled on explorer as an identity for the boards.

Nigel was joined by fellow boarding enthusiasts and now company directors Craig Brannigan and Craig Macqueen in January 2011.

We have a complete range of new spare parts for offroad electric skateboards in New Zealand, including: battery packs (SLA and LiFePO4), Motor Controllers (600 and 800watt), Remote Controls, Radio Receivers, Battery Chargers (SLA and LiFePO4), Drive Chains and Drive Belts, Motors (600 and 800watt), and more!

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the boards or parts for the boards, please don't hesitate to contact us ... info@greenskate.co.nz

We look forward to hearing from you soon


Craig Brannigan | 021 867 657 | Wellington | craigb@greenskate.co.nz

Craig Macqueen | 021 161 4595 | Taranaki | craigm@greenskate.co.nz



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